Subway Stories

Project by Alon Chitayat & Jeff Ong

An interactive storytelling installation exploring the inner-lives of subway commuters in NYC.

What of the judgments we make about those around us in places such as a subway car? The passing encounters, the conversations, the thoughts of our temporary neighbors?

Subway Stories is based on my daily sketches on the subway, a project which started back in 2005 and still growing.

I hand-illustrated the graphics and recorded the stories. My talented collaborator Jeff coded the project which runs on a web browser (THREE.js + Web Audio).

Try our interactive demo

Festivals and Publications

  • 2016
  • MIT – Docubase
  • Platform - New York Transit Museum
  • 2015
  • Currents New Media Festival – Santa Fe
  • 2014
  • Dumbo Art Festival 2014, NY
  • Siggraph Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
  • Under the Viaduct – West Harlem, NY
  • NYC Resistor 2014 Interactive Show