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  • Monster Roll

    If you liked the Cookie Monter- you’de LOVE  the “Sushi Monster”!


    This charming animation really took me back to my time traveling inIndia. If you’ve been there – a huge smile is guaranteed 🙂

  • Sensory Overload

  • Work Inspired by Mindjet and JESS3

    JESS3’s longtime content partners at Mindjet wanted a carefully crafted visual story to complement their product relaunch. Partnering closely with Mindjet, JESS3 crafted a script that was not limited to one brand, one profession or even one industry….

  • HarperCollins

    Director, Designer, Animator: Lucas Zanotto Client: HarperCollins Publishers Creative Directors: Ben North, Andrew Cunning Group Publisher: Belinda Budge Copywriter: Ben North Music and Sound design: Kassian Troyer…

  • Animated walks and runs

    Animated run cycles and walk cycles, produced using Flash©. Music: The swimming song by Earl ScruggsCast: Felix SputnikTags: Adult, Nudity, Animation, Walks, Runs, Swimming song and Earl Scruggs

  • La Poste – Pliages

    La Poste _ Pliages Agency: BETC Director: Edouard Salier Producer: Mourad Belkeddar Production Company: Iconoclast Post producer: Clement Pignal Post-production company: Digital District Art Direction : Marthe Salier & Francois Peyranne Music: Amadou …

  • Don’t look!

    A morality tale of what happens to a young man when he simply cannot resist the temptation to simply take a look.Cast: Nick Khoo and Josh NickelTags: animation, after effects, road rage and Joshua nickel

  • This Land is Mine

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  • 48 hours project

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