Dot 2 Dot

3D Drawing App by Alon Chitayat & Adarsh Kosuru

Dot2Dot is a 3D drawing app that lets you collaborate with as many users as you choose.

The app uses Processing on smart phones and tablets, so multiple devices can share a drawing interface via Web-sockets. A user can make 3D-sketches or or record the motion of his home by using accelerometer and Gyro data. The 3D-position data then gets sent to a server in real-time so other users can make changes and manipulate the sketch. Developed by Adarsh Kosuru and Alon Chitayat at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), this system is the best way for friends to share self-created images and collaborate on drawings at long distances.

Since Dot 2 Dot allows multiple users to manipulate 2D and 3D images simultaneously, we imagine the app could encourage amazing collaborations among designers, graphic artists, and illustrators across the globe. It’s certainly better than the back-and-forth of Cloud-sharing.