This is how this chapter ends….

Monday, 13.8.
Day before flying back to Israel. 4 months of inspiration in the most chaotic place i have ever seen, and learned to love. It was around July when Adam and his friends from Dalhousie suggested me to contact the Israeli embassy in India to pull the last rabbit from the hat, last magic just before i go. Meeting art students from India and showing them my sketches, hearing from them a bit about being an artists in india.
Sharon and Ruchi from the embassy worked hard to connect me with the Delhi collage of art for giving a small workshop. Sketching in this trip was all about interaction, so there was no better ending for this trip.
Stepping inside a room full of students from all ages, all with the same passion as mine. Stage was mine to slowly tell my story. How to travel India with pens and colors…
there are two thing i’ve always enjoyed – teaching and drawing. so many people inspired this moment to happened and i am grateful for all of you.
for two hours i was there again. One place after the other. Telling the small stories behind the lines. coming to India i had a theme – knew i was coming to sketch as much as i can. But the story was better than could possibly imagine.

thank you. all of you that i met on my journey. this trip was full of incredible friends who helped me believe life is the biggest present you can get. i treasure you all in the smile i brought back home. i miss you very much and hope the paths will cross again someday. somewhere.

back in Israel. Mobile was stolen so have no way of contacting you all, and taking my time to land softly…. this is my mail, please send me your numbers so i see you :

end of chapter one, but the story is still on…